SQINTEA® products are uniquely formulated Nutritional supplements to drive your beauty with active skin nourishment, Protection & Repair. All products are combination of natural active ingredients, Swiss Alpine Bio Herbs and Premium Tea Leaves.

SQINTEA® is a Nutritional Supplement at the bases of Tea. Bringing together natural active ingredients with Premium Tea leaves and Swiss Alpine Herbs allows us to offer a most delicious product in a most convenient form of a Tea. A cup of Tea that fits perfectly into your beauty routine. Everywhere & all day long.

The feedback we get from consumers indicates that many of you see & feel benefits already after 10 days or regular use, however everybody’s skin is different!  

For visible and noticeable effects, it is recommended to take Sqintea products over a period of at least 6 Weeks. Because of the good tolerability, long-term use is recommended.

The exact daily dosage recommendation for each SQINTEA® product can be found in the packaging.

For visible and noticeable effects, it is recommended to take Sqintea products over a period of at least 6 Weeks. Because of the good tolerability, long-term use is recommended.


SQINTEA® is using a patented process to coat the active ingredients on to our carefully selected SQINTEA® Blends. So you need to imagine the are wrapped around the tea leaves…
To be sure that your body absorbs as much as possible of the active ingredients they are already tiny small.

YES, SQINTEA® active beauty ingredients are heat stable and you will profit from the full beauty benefits when you prepare SQINTEA® in hot water.

This is the most frequently asked question we hear from consumers and business partners … and it is a good question as there many misunderstandings in this field:

When we select our active beauty Ingredients (such as Collagen or OPC) for SQINTEA®, it is for us ABSOLUTLY key that the heat stability is tested. Today we have tested successfully all our active ingredients, with third party laboratory tests, on heat stability of up 100° Celsius or more.

Some of our ingredients like Vitamin C are coated for heat protection, others are naturally heat resistant up to high temperatures and some have been further studied by scientists.

As an example the Thermal denaturation of Collagen Fibres has been tested up to 350 Celsius1 – now that would make for a rather hot cup of tea indeed…


No, the Spelling of SQINTEA® is correct.For the SQINTEA® Team it is about developing a Quality product and bringing you Quality Skin benefits. So really, the Q in SQINTEA®is about Quality.
We just needed to have a Q in the Brand name...

We believe that 2 good things just go well together especially if they support your beauty 😊

Swiss Alpine Herbs, White and Green Teas are full of antioxidants, isoflavones, and other compounds in tea that are protective and nourishing for the whole body, including our skin. For example, white tea has been shown in research to help inhibit the breakdown of collagen and elastin in skin. What better when something tastes good AND has added benefits? But we wanted to take one step more...
Our goal is to bring you clinically proven beauty benefits. We are constantly searching for the best natural active ingredients, developed and produced with carefully selected partners. Combing all of this makes SQINTEA® unique and so delicious.

We have partnered with a family owned, Swiss, expert company for medicinal Herbs and spices. They do this since over 4 Generations!  Jointly we carefully selected all our Swiss Alpine Herbs to refine our Tea’s and bring the pure strength of the plants into our products. All herbs are 100% Bio Certified but I guess that was clear from the start… 

We’ve based our decision to use bovine collagen due to the extensive research and high-quality studies showing bovine collagen’s effectiveness. SQINTEA® collagen demonstrably improves reduction of wrinkels1 and supports skin elasiticiy2 – clinical proven.
The importance of both taste and efficacy are cornerstones of our product formulation, and we are extremely rigorous with our collagen source. SQINTEA® collagen is kosher and allergen- hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free as well as independently tested for contaminants such as heavy metals, herbicides, insecticides, and pesticides.

The special collagen peptides in Sqintea® consist of several amino acids, so-called oligo- or polypeptides. These are not destroyed by enzymes in the gastric juice, such as. B. pepsin, but further digested and crushed, so that even smaller peptides (di- and tripeptides) and individual amino acids are formed. This process is completely natural and an important prerequisite for the bioactive collagen peptides in SQINTEA® to be optimally absorbed by the small intestine.

The active ingredients in all our SQINTEA® products are coated on our special SQINTEA® Blends. In the case of the SQINTEA®Collagen Beauty we have packed some much of the good stuff into the product, that some particles can fall off during the Transport or packaging process: These powder particles fall into the packing sleeve. No worries this absolutely normal and more we have adjusted the dosage that you will continue to enjoy the full benefits we promise.

Wow ... first congratulations!

All ingredients in SQINTEA® are approved for pharmaceuticals, food and nutritional supplements, well tolerated and do not exceed the reference amounts for the daily intake of vitamins and minerals. No information is known about the individual ingredients that they must not be taken during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

However, since there are no direct product-specific tests for taking SQINTEA® during pregnancy and lactation itself, we ask you to discuss the consumption with your pharmacist or doctor.

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