Inspired by nature - driven by beauty


We recognize that nature offers us an amazing amount of possibilities to support our beauty & wellbeing.
Our innovation is the intersection of beauty, natural ingredients, food, and well-being.
 We create to support & protect skin beauty, skin vitality and radiance. Development and delivery of best quality products for our consumers drives all our business decisions and at the same time we strive to minimize our environmental impact.

Our story

The idea of SQINTEA®, as so many good ideas do, came over a good glass of red wine in the Winter of 2018 close to lake Geneva Switzerland. We had this, probably philosophical, discussion about the “endless” Beauty and Health benefits to be found in Tea and Swiss Herbs. We found it to be so frustrating that the world of Tea and Herbs so often remained stuck in its old and traditional roles:

What if we could combine natural & active ingredients with power beauty benefits and fresh & goodness packed Swiss Alpine Herb Tea leaves?

Bringing together natural, but clinically proven, “power” ingredients and pure Herb and Tea antioxidants that boost your skin beauty.

Create a performing Nutritional supplement that tastes really good any you can enjoy. Goodbye pills, powders, and artificial tasting gels…

Almost 2 years later, after quality research, many trials (and some errors), much self-testing, sleepless nights, believing in the “impossible” and truly generous support of many friends and colleagues (Thank you to all!) - SQINTEA® was born. A unique range of nutritional supplements at the intersection of beauty, natural ingredients, tea, and well-being.  


We hope you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy our journey to bring them to you.

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